From the homeowner to a Fortune 500 Company, Parkway Iron & Metal provides services to all. Our services include the purchasing, hauling and containing, yard handling and the processing of all types of scrap metal.

State-of-the-Art Processing

Our State-of-the-Art processing equipment ensures safe and efficient material processing allowing us to pay top dollar for your metal. 

For our buyers, all metal is properly processed to your specific needs and packaged accordingly.

Our Processing Equipment: Shredding Mill, Hydraulic & Mobile Shears, Torches, Balers, Wire/Cable Strippers, Metal Analyzers

Retail Purchasing

We purchase scrap metal from the general public and companies using two state-certified scales. Our 5x5 floor scale and truck-sized drive on scale with a capacity of 200,000 lbs. can efficiently weigh any sized load. Once all material is sorted and weighed, the customer then meets with our cashier for payment.

All scales are state-certified and are regularly calibrated. 

​A valid form of ID is required for all transactions.

Commercial & Industrial 

Our Commercial and Industrial services include container service and pick-ups. Once confirmed, our team can unload containers of all sizes to be filled with scrap metal and the containers are then picked up and weighed at our facility. If the material meets our criteria, it is then paid for.

Containers: Drums, Pallets, Bins, Roll-Off Containers (10, 20, 30 & 40 yd), Dump Trailer, Flat Bed

To request container service, fill out the form in the Contact Us page. 


Yard Handling and Services

We have the right machinery and equipment readily available to ensure proper loading, unloading and moving of all types of scrap. With the right equipment and operators, you will be on your way shortly with our yard services. 

Our Machinery: Forklifts, Skid Steers, Material Handlers (Grapple and Magnet), Front Loader

Vehicles will not be loaded or unloaded without permission from the owner.